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Wechat sex video

The seriousness of their conduct lies in complete disrespect for the people of this country." Mmmm. That's why the paper was flying off the shelves - because everyone was outraged by the cops showing disrespect to their uniforms and, therefore, the country.

I'd also say the Sowetan pretty much shot itself in the sanctimonious foot the next day when it trumpeted gleefully how well the paper had sold:"Sowetan was sold out by midday and the newsdesk was inundated with calls from readers who could not find copies of Sowetan," wrote the paper.

But we hope that you, dear reader, will understand the rationale," the paper explained itself on Monday.

"We are doing so reluctantly, albeit with good reason...

(Indicating, we thought, that the candidate was in it for the status rather than the craft.) How often do you go out to lunch?

(Editors should be too busy to flounce about restaurants.) Are you a teetotaller?

It was Tweeted 55 times and had 347 comments."No matter how you spin it, South Africans bought Monday's paper in great numbers because this was about voyeurism, titillation and having a bawdy laugh.

The biggest problem with the sex-cop video is that the public interest is debatable.A friend and I came up with a set of questions for prospective editors last week.Some were flippant: Will you buy a fancy car when you become editor?"Just before lunch time, the full story was uploaded.By late yesterday the articles had received 1290 comments.

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Secondly, it highlights that it's how you play it that counts.

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