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This article focuses on the physical design model for the following design considerations specific to the Web Storage System: The purpose of this paper is to present proper ways to design a KM solution based on the Web Storage System technology.

The target audience is KM solutions architects or designers.

Every item in the Web Storage System is URL-addressable and fully supports semi-structured data, such as documents, contacts, messages, reports, HTML files, and Active Server Pages (ASP).Besides these services, Back Office provides interfaces for connecting and integrating with legacy information or knowledge sources. NET Enterprise Server, which includes SQL Server™ 2000, Biz Talk™ Server, Commerce Server 2000, Host Integration Server 2000, Internet Security and Acceleration Server 2000, Exchange 2000 Server, and Application Center 2000.These components are designed to work closely together to build the next generation of Web applications.The focal point of this document is the Web Storage System, which is the underlying storage technology for Exchange 2000 and future Microsoft products.The Web Storage System is a development platform for building and providing the following key knowledge services: To establish a foundation for the following discussion of how to design KM solutions, we will briefly summarize the Microsoft Solutions Framework (MSF) services-based application model based on MSF white papers.

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Each module has its own characteristic based on organizational processes and technologies.