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Speed dating thailand

And as a global asset manager we have deep experience of markets worldwide.The Aberdeen Provident Fund accesses that expertise with one thing in mind – to provide investors a secure financial future.As I write this, I am sitting in one of the many gorgeous cafes in Chiang Mai, Thailand.The sun is slowly setting behind the mountains and I’m sipping on yet another delicious flat white.I struggled to confirm a decision I had made over a month ago because I let other people influence my gut feelings and my desires. If you wish to, you can read about my recovery in Fiji, here (but top up that glass of wine and grab a couple of tissues…) So, as I was saying, I’m kinda new to dates, flirting and playing with romance but it seems that the last 5 years – while I was emotionally busy – have been everything, but boring on the dating scenario.

You could spend hours, weeks or even months online trying to figure out if that person is suitable for you or not. You don’t have to worry if they are lying about their age, looks, appearance or how many fingers they have on their right hand because you can see it.

Most of the time you are just left feeling disappointed because they are nothing like how they are appeared online and you just wasted a lot of time. Scientists have proven that most people make a decision within the first 30 seconds as to whether we are attracted to someone are not.

With speed dating you can meet at least 10 great people in real life in one night.

I have been here almost two months and I can’t get enough of this multicultural, growing, fascinating and mysterious city. A post shared by s a b r i n a ANDREA s a c h s (@the_storyteller) on , but, then I realised that hey! Dating while travelling is AWESOME and that’s why I had to delete everything and start all over again.

The flourishing dating scene with other digital nomads, entrepreneurs, self-starters, geeks and more, also contributed to my visa extension and lack of desire to pack my bag and keep travelling. As you might not know, I’ve only been back on the dating game for a few month since my ex had the brilliant idea to dump me back in November.

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