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Six months later they sold the plant to Canadian Pacific, the parent company of Syracuse China. Former employees had to reapply for their positions. In 1989, Canadian Pacific decided to divest itself of its china manufacturers, selling Shenango, Mayer, and Syracuse to the Pfaltzgraff Company of York, PA.The Mayer operation was moved to the Shenango plant.Application was made to the reconstruction finance corporation for a long-term loan. Labor strife in the 1950’s had a drastic effect on the company’s fortunes as two strikes took place.In 1954, the name was changed to Shenango China, Inc., bringing it back to the original 1901 name. They developed the first fast fire kiln, which revolutionized the vitrified china industry.In addition, during the war CIO-USWA won the right to represent the workers.With the end of the World War II, it became apparent that a balanced expansion would have to be achieved.A building plan was initiated in 1945 and completed in 1947.

The assets of Shenango China were transferred to a newly formed subsidiary of Sobiloff’s, Shenango Ceramics Inc.These purchases added a new dimension to Shenango sales.In 1968, Interpace Corporation bought Shenango Ceramics and her wholly owned subsidiaries.During the war, they also made the ceramic parts for land mines.A group of local businessmen including officers of Shenango formed a company for this express purpose.

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In 1939 Louis L Helleman, a former American representative for Rosenthal China of Germany came to Shenango and arranged to have their shapes and patterns made at Shenango. Smith invested $25,000 of Shenango’s money in this company.

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