Respecting and accommodating cultural diversity in the workplace dating scammer rhoda naa from accra ghana

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Supporting a transitioning employee When a transgendered person presents as a female, use feminine references (she, her, hers).

When a person presents as a male, use masculine references (he, him, his). The list below outlines some additional practices for supporting a transgendered employee through the transitioning stage: Local advocacy groups and organizations that provide services to people with disabilities or websites for national organizations (like the Canadian National Institute for the Blind or Canadian Mental Health Association) can also provide helpful resources about understanding or accommodating specific disabilities.

An inclusive environment requires both individual diversity awareness skills and effective organizational systems that support diversity and inclusion.

Diversity training is one way to develop awareness and to increase employee knowledge and sensitivity to diversity issues.

An educational approach can help to negate many fears that people have when it comes to addressing diversity.

Both managers and employees fear that they may say the wrong thing, be perceived as discriminatory or be stifled by rigid rules of political correctness.

In this webinar, learn from legal expert Dave Mc Kechnie of Mc Millan about the duty to accommodate employees’ religious practices and hear from Irit Kelman, Mount Sinai, and Debbie Pawelczyk, RBC, on how to create and implement practical accommodation policies for your company.

The session is moderated by diversity expert Rhonda Singer from Coaching for Action.

However, accommodation should not only be a requirement.

Open, effective communication, as well as clear channels for feedback optimizes the opportunity for discussion of issues related to inclusion and discrimination.

Every organization starts from a different place and in a unique context, but all have room for improvement.

This type of ‘closed’ environment can significantly impact an individual’s involvement in the organization, potentially resulting in low staff morale, increased absenteeism, decreased productivity and retention difficulties.

Organizational leaders play an important role in setting the tone for the shift towards increased diversity and inclusiveness in an organization.

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There are many local training providers, as well as on-line training resources that include video series, webinars and facilitated on-line courses.