Okcupid dating persona explanation

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You can also go back at a later time to change the answers to any questions — hey, people change, right?

The key here is to be completely honest, so the system matches you with someone you’ll be interested in, and vice-versa.

And When I reply with my Dear John, “You’re not what I”m looking for”, they’ll say “90% compatible is hard to find, maybe you should reconsider.” Frankly I personally don’t put much stock into the compatibility part but rather the “explanation” part.

That clues you in to how the other person thinks and also gives you some clue as to their level of seriousness or humor.

Their system is mainly built around getting what you put into it — the more work you put into your profile, and the more questions you answer, the more matches you’ll see and the more accurate matches you’ll get. The site touts itself as completely free, and that’s the case.

You can access features like basic search and full communication with all members as a free member, but OKCupid offers a paid option, the A-List. OKCupid’s initial sign-up process is very simple, only requiring what you’re looking for and your zip code.

For this algorithm to work, people would have to be a LOT more self-aware about compatibility – and they’re not.

If you only answer questions with answers the average person would want to hear, then they probably won’t be too interested in you when it comes time to get to know one another. ” Share you quiz results on your profile or with friends if you’d like.

Have fun taking tests and quizzes created by the OKCupid staff and users. Discover the other fun activities OKCupid offers by heading to their “The Toy Bin” section under “Treasures.” You’ll find OKCupid’s i Phone app, their dating research, match map, and other time sinks.

The problem, of course, is that e Harmony took all the fun out of their questions and removed attraction from the equation.

So you have Ok Cupid, which is fluffy compatibility pseudoscience based on physical attraction and common interests (as if mutual love of horror films has anything to do with anything) and e Harmony, which is undoubtedly deeper, but ignores the base human impulse to look up attractive faces.

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It’s worth noting that OKCupid includes a section for notes and ratings on your matches.

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