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Loreal rouge caress dating coral

I personally like this kind of formula for everyday wear as it gives a healthy look to the lips and the color isn’t too intense.

Its hydrating as well and quite forgiving on the lips.

It’s incredibly weightless and velvety, and best of all, without compromising the colour.

Which brings me to my next point: pigmentation; These lipsticks are incredibly pigmented, way better than Revlon Lip Butters and more moisturising.

Allow me to introduce my favourite new lip products - the rather fabulous Rouge Caresse lipsticks from L'oreal Paris: A hybrid between a tinted lipbalm and the traditional lipstick, they are perfect for people like me who suffer from dry lips and prefer the lightweight feel of a lipgloss.

The shiny gloss goes first but there's still colour left on the lips, so it fades easily. The lipsticks aren't a substitute for a good lipbalm, but they do contain jojoba butter to lightly moisturise, and both have now become firm favourites in my make up bag.L'oreal rouge caresse lipsticks are priced at £7.99 and can be found both in store and online at Have you tried any of the rouge caresse lipsticks? I love coral anything and this is the nicest coral anything I've gotten in a good while.Lookit: The packaging is nice and simple; a transparent tube with the gold cylinder containing the lippie.

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