Intimidating team sayings

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Intimidating team sayings

There was malice too-–the boss who told colleagues that I was “too smart for my own good” and never gave me credit for my work, the subordinate who did everything possible to undermine my authority because he hated working for a woman, the team who would go to the pub together and never invite me, and that was hard to deal with.

But mostly I worked with decent guys who were just happily being themselves. Looking back, I didn’t always make it easy for my colleagues to feel comfortable around me.

“I’ve never had a problem finding female engineers,” says Chipps.

“I am involved in the community a lot so I do run into them.

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You carry the responsibility of representing not only yourself but the entire experience of working with that semi-mythical creature, the female techie.

Sometimes you don’t feel lonely or like a novelty, like when you’re sitting around the lunch table, cracking jokes with your coworkers. But when one of your coworkers makes a joke that is crude, even though it doesn’t offend you at all and you haven’t even had time to laugh, he turns to you and apologizes, because you are the only woman at the table and your delicate sensibilities must have been affronted. You feel like you’re not supposed to be at the table.

To make things worse, I gravitated towards areas like Machine Learning, large-scale backend systems and security, areas of software where women were even scarcer.

I was the typical developer type–introverted, fascinated by systems, a bit scared of all that messy, unpredictable people stuff –but coming in a girl-shaped package makes you atypical in most development teams.

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