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Hey there, it’s Dave here, I hope you’re doing great.

If you’re hoping to hook up with some ladies online, you’ve probably already realized just how important your edating photos are.

You’d be REALLY pissed off if you’re emailing with a woman and when you go to meet her she’s “suddenly” packed on 20 pounds. It doesn’t matter how “tight” your game is, or how many routines or attraction NLP voodoo things you can do, if she’s expecting you to look like one thing and you show up looking like something else, you’re screwed. 🙂I understand you’re proud of your 6 pack and I’m sure you want woman to notice… First, why on earth would you want to have a picture of you in the bathroom as your edating photo? Second, (and this is big), there’s a slight chance you might not notice everything in your bathroom…case in point, just look at this picture. In all the tests I’ve done, profiles having more than one photo always get more emails, winks and replies than profiles with just one photo.edating profiles with one photo usually are a clear cut sign of spam or one of those internet dating what I found really interesting is that most women won’t reply to profiles with only one photo as they would with profiles that have more photos. Your pictures shouldn’t give anyone the impression you’re mad, angry or just not having fun.

I have a really attractive girlfriend in her early 40’s… she thinks he SORTA looks like George Clooney…So she goes to meet this guy for dinner… but truth is no one wants to see you showing off your 6 pack abs or flexing your muscles online… If you’ve got a 6 pack, trust me …she’s gonna notice your physique in normal pictures. Think about it…Beer commercials are never about beer, they’re always about everything but beer. telling a story and leaving something to the imagination. Take 5 minutes looking through or any other dating site and you’ll find pages and pages of photos or men who look ANGRY and like they’re not having fun.


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