Dating a capricorn men

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And here are 15 more insights into dating a Capricorn man.Born in between 21st December and 20th January, Capricorns are ambitious, stolid and have a strong sense of responsibility.These very traits seem to characterize their love lives too which may in fact be determined by their professional priorities and choices.Here are a few insights on what it may be like to date or be in a relationship with a Capricorn man. A Capricorn man is largely conventional and believes in the merit of continuing with traditions.The same quality also makes him extremely valuable to have around in terms of personal crises or emergencies since he is not one to shirk a responsibility and is more likely than others to see things through.

This man cares deeply for what is socially and morally proper and might not be ready to embrace liberal codes of behavior.Capricorns are also rather cautious in their behavior.While dating a Capricorn guy, you are likely to find him taking his time in warming up to you.While going on a date, at least for the first few times, he may tend to stick to the time tested routine of ‘a movie and a dinner’ to the extent that you may start finding all this too predictable.However it is only his way of finding his feet with you, after which he is more likely to ask you for suggestions on where to go and what to do for the evening.

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So if you are attracted to the male Capricorn personality, look out for older guys as they will be more willing to give you their time and energy in building a relationship than the younger ones. Just like the Mountain Goat that symbolizes this zodiac sign, a Capricorn guy will keeping pushing one foot after another until he has reached the top.

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