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It is known for its ski resorts and also as a tax-haven that encourages duty-free shopping on your Andorra vacations.

The scenery in Andorra consists predominantly of rugged mountains. The country’s capital is Andorra la Vella, the highest capital city in Europe.

This can be done stopping over en route to or from Andorra.

A couple on holiday 800 miles away caught a burglar after watching him enter their home on live CCTV footage streamed to a smartphone.

Mr Appleby said: 'Barnes came to the door and said to me 'I'm the good guy, I'm trying to put it all back', he then disappeared back in to the house.'He then came out on to the first floor balcony and jumped, but luckily for us he fell after landing - I think if he hadn't fallen over I would have let him run.'I went with another neighbour to stop him and we sat on him to stop him getting away.'We got him spread-eagled on the ground, but he objected to being sat on and being held down and he struggled.'He was fairly violent, he was determined to get away.'This was the unpleasant bit, because I was holding his hands, the only weapon he had was his teeth.

He bit my arm and had four goes at it.'I was shocked at getting bitten, I wasn't expecting it.

Fishing is another popular Andorran pastime with an abundance of trout found in its lakes and rivers.

Andorra also boasts the highest golf course in Europe called the Golf Soldeu.

He was still at home on February 24 this year prior to travelling to Andorra with his wife Jane, and it meant Barnes left empty-handed.

Consider an additional stopover to your Andorra vacations at one of Goway's other European destinations.

You can choose from a Paris vacation, a London vacation or an Amsterdam vacation.

Robert Vose, 62, and his wife Jane, 58, were in Andorra and watched in horror as Josh Barnes raided their property and began stealing jewellery.

They immediately contacted neighbour Geoffrey Appleby, 76, who rushed over to their home in Curdridge near Winchester, Hampshire.

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Andrew Coley, defending, told the court: 'My client accepts he was utterly wrong.' Recorder Adam Feest QC praised Mr Appleby for his quick-thinking to stop Barnes from escaping.

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